root@ctc2416x – Inside the Asus DR900

Some days ago I bought myself a second-hand Asus DR900 (aka eeeReader). It’s an interesting toy: an e-book reader, 9 inches epaper (sipix technology) screen w/ capacitive touchscreen, linux based¹.

AFAIK, it’s not available worldwide yet (the official ftp support page shows firmware files just for italian, german and russian languages), the software is still in (active, hopefully) development (ATTOW, v0.0.394), it’s quite buggy (nothing new, we are in the first release-then fix era), the screen is not as contrasted as an eInk Pearl (the one used in the Kindle 3) but it’s cheap, slim and light. And it’s a manna from heaven if you like to read mangas on the go, especially if  your cellulose-based tankobons scream ‘this house ain’t big enough for both of us’.

I know, I’m divagating.

What I’ve found particularly interesting is that the DR900, while coming with Wi-Fi, has another feature: open ports.

Network Utility port scan results for Asus DR900

Surprisingly enough, the ssh root password is… dr900 -_-‘

root@ctc2416x:~# uname -a
Linux ctc2416x #5 Fri Dec 17 17:02:51 CST 2010 armv5tejl unknown

I mean, it’s nice having sources, hackin’ up a modded firmware, compiling, flashing (or booting from SD, when possible) and so on. But I don’t dislike being able to, directly out of the box, edit the root file system, and deploy cross-compiled files. At least, I wouldn’t, if I were able to develop something useful.

¹The OEM maker is Qisda, product model ‘oyo’, firmware sources are available, people are already investigating on them. People much more skilled than me. 🙂